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See below for a list of our most frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

  • What is genetic genealogy?
    The application of genealogical DNA testing, such as DNA profiling and testing, in conjunction with conventional genealogical techniques to deduce genetic links between individuals is known as genetic genealogy.
  • When is time to hire a genetic genealogist?
    Although there are many and varied reasons to work with a genetic genealogist, the following are some of the most popular ones: ​ After taking a DNA test at a reputable testing facility, you find yourself sitting there with a list of people you appear to be connected to, but you have no idea how. After being adopted, you're curious to find out more about your biological lineage and the identity of your parents. Although you are certain that your near family matches cannot be linked to you, you are curious as to how. You're working on solving a family mystery and have come across some closely related matches that belong to a family you don't know. Might the answer to your mystery lie in these matches? One of your parents can't or won't tell you who your other parent is. Verify that the family tree you belong to is the one to which you are biologically related. It is not unusual for grandparents or great-grandparents to have kept secrets about a child's true paternity for good cause, and this might throw off your tree and DNA matches. You have a parent or grandparent that was adopted.
  • How does it work?
    1. It's required of you to have tested your DNA through,,, or, or to be willing to test your DNA. I suggest using to do your DNA testing first. If further matches are required, doing a test is what we would advise. We can post your raw DNA data to a few more websites for free after you've completed your testing with one of those services in order to obtain more matches. The objective is to identify the closest matches and classify them appropriately. ​ 2. In addition to any other information you may have that would be helpful, you'll need to give us any details you may have about your parents, grandparents, and, if possible, your great grandparents' names, places of birth, and approximate dates of birth. Note: If you don't know anything, that's perfectly okay. ​ 3. We will sort through and categorize your match list, identifying how they could be related to you, leading to finding your lineage and building your DNA-confirmed family tree. ​ 4. We work hard and acknowledge that we have a minor obsession with unraveling family riddles. In reality, you could find that we can find what you're looking for really quickly. However, this is only because the process involves a great deal of reasoning and intellectual sleuthing to fit all the pieces together, as well as constant, laser-focused attention. We're determined to solve this problem until we do, just like a dog with a bone! Once we have completed our search, we will compile and email you your family tree along with any new information we have found, which you may view by uploading to a popular Ancestry website. ​ * Please be aware that there may be variations or barriers that affect the outcome, therefore results cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. However, we promise to look anywhere we can and that this new knowledge will clarify a lot of previously unknown facts. With a few exceptions, we can usually find out information about birth families, providing you at least some information about your ancestry, blood line, and heritage.
  • Can you guarantee results?
    We have achieved an outstanding success rate of 100% in identifying the family lines of individuals with North American ancestry. However, it is crucial to understand that we cannot guarantee the results as the information gathered from your genetic matches may vary.
  • What are some potential roadblocks that might get in the way of solving the puzzle?
    Captivity: It's possible that some of your ancestors were made to adopt their captors' surnames, such as African-Americans who were kidnapped and sold into slavery in the Americas. In this instance, we will ultimately come to a standstill, but we will pursue that avenue as far as it will carry us. ​ Length of stay: It's possible that your ancestors were only in North America for one or two generations. In such instance, there's a chance that we won't find as many matches that will enable us to build a precise tree. ​ Birthplace: It can be difficult for us to find the necessary information if you weren't born in North America. ​ Double Relations: It might be challenging to determine precise ties because double cousins and twin relations can alter the quantity of DNA that you share with other people.
  • Can you assist me if I'm from Australia or the United Kingdom?
    The simple answer is YES, however we might not be able to fully unravel your puzzle because of the lower number of matches you'll have because DNA testing isn't very common in your nation. While it's true that some family lines will undoubtedly be located and useful information will be gathered, keep in mind that the solution rates for the UK and Australia will be lower than those for North America.
  • Which are some of the leading companies that provide DNA testing?
  • What's your refund policy?
    DNA Mystery Solver applies a 5% processing fee to any refund requests. It is important to note that all refund requests must be submitted prior to the start of your case. Please be aware that once we have commenced working on your case, refunds will not be provided as our billing structure is based on a per case arrangement, not an hourly rate.

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