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Here's what people are saying about their experience working with DNA Mystery Solver:

Discover Biological Grandparents or Great Grandparents

"Cindy is an extremely skilled DNA detective. In our search for my Dad's biological family we had very little information to go off in finding his father. This has been a mystery for nearly 65 years. In less than a week Cindy was not only able to figure out who his dad was, she was able to create a family tree and give us insight on ancestors dating back to the 16/1700s. Without her we would be stuck at square one, with no idea how to continue forward in our search. Cindy is extremely knowledgeable, kind and quick to respond to any question that we had. She's been absolutely invaluable in our search for answers. We truly cannot thank her enough! If you are looking for insight on your family's history I highly recommend connecting with her."

Update: Thanks again Cindy! The paternity test came back and you were 100% correct! The fact that with very little information to go off of you were able to find out who my dad's biological father is in, and so quickly is completely amazing! We couldn't have done it without you. 

Jenna E.

Alberta, Canada

"I was blessed to have Cindy Bertrand~Flores reach out to me and she became my "Angel" Literally!!  While traveling, I made the decision to reach out to a couple of adoption websites searching for something I have tried for YEARS on my own...looking for my mom's biological family.  I have hit MANY Brick walls and FINALLY found her biological mothers side...I was blessed to have communication with some of them for a short period but then things fizzled out which was heartbreaking.   The most recent search was for her father, on ancestry I had a couple "Close" family members that I believed were from her fathers side but of course NO TREE or Response/acceptances on private trees...I had a couple Surnames that I believed COULD be her BIO dads side and until Cindy came along to confirm it , I was at a COMPLETE loss, as I had NO clue how to build a tree backwards which has been recommended to me! 


I am EXTREMELY grateful for Cindy Bertrand~Flores ' knowledge and graciousness in wanting to help me  find what my mother and I have spent years looking for in just a matter of a couple HOURS!!  My mothers birth father!  All she needed was a little bit of information from me, she didn't even need the adoption paperwork on my mom...I am confident that we have the correct person as the non identifying info matches up with the man we found.  She was very kind to talk to, very responsive and I would recommend her to anyone who is needing help!"


Denise Helmen

Minnesota, USA

Discover Biological Father's Identity

“My wife has always wanted to know her birth father. 48 hours after contacting Cindy we found her birth father and identified her siblings!! Probably the best Christmas present I’ve ever purchased!! Thank you!!"

Anthony Simmons

Georgia, USA

“Cindy was able to find my father within 24 hours. I was amazed at her thorough understanding of how to use DNA information. I was excited about her findings and am in the process of contacting and meeting new family and relatives. I have been waiting for this since I knew I was adopted. Thank you, Cindy!”

Jeannette Perrin​

Manitoba, Canada

“Cindy reached out because of my relationship with another client of hers. She was kind in her explanation and provided information necessary to help me understand my relationship with them. Cindy also assisted me in finding my biological father. within about 4 hours of working with her I had his name and was talking with a cousin of mine on his side. I am so thankful for her help in every step of this process.”​

Jessica Heins

Michigan, USA

Shattering the Genealogy Brick Wall

“'s a wonderful thing. Tracing your roots, your family's lives through the generations. Following the paper trail, digging through the information on the internet, going to libraries and courthouse, cemeteries, talking to older family members who can give you tidbits of find a little piece of gold, a treasure here and there, every small piece of information is a victory, and then....THE BRICK WALL!! It happens to all of us. Then we get the magic of DNA. We send it in. We get our parents, cousins, children, to all send it in! It's going to be magical, the ancestors will pop up right in front of you!!, But no....It's not that simple. I searched for 6 years, I know at least that long probably longer, for the Davis line of my family...and still I couldn't find them. I didn't have the depth of knowledge to figure out DNA, how to compare, to who matched whom...then my Angel, Cindy Bertrand Flores, came on the scene. She had helped my Cousin Sheila solve a mystery for her son-in-law....we began messaging over Ancestry, e-mails, phone calls. I gave her the information I had, and what I remembered along the way. in TWO DAYS, just TWO days, she had accomplished what I couldn't do in over 6 years.....I had some of the puzzle pieces, the DNA, some names, and she put them all together into a wonderful picture of my family!! She is driven by the love of genealogy, the thrill of the finds, and the satisfaction of helping people. I know you will be as ecstatic with her skills as I am. so take that next step, and find what you have been looking for!! Your Ancestors are just waiting on YOU!!”
Julia Davis Newell​

Rockspring, Georgia

"I have been researching my family for decades and have traced them all back to the 17th Century.  All but one, that is.  One line on my father’s side has been a mystery to me all this time.  It was a total brick wall.


Then Cindy came into my life!  She contacted me for info on a search for a client who happened to be a match.  In the process, she solved two mysteries at once - her clients and mine.  I was so excited to finally get some answers that helped me complete my tree.  


She is very fast and very knowledgeable.  I would recommend her for any genealogy/dna search."


Grateful from Palm Desert, CA

Pat Siegel

Unforeseen Genetic Twist

“I have been a member of for many years. I did my DNA test after I received an email in February of 2021 that ultimately changed my life. I had been working on my family tree and accomplished a lot of research. My DNA surprised me as I learned of DNA matches to people who were not in my tree. The prior mentioned email I had received was from a woman claiming to be a half-sister. When our DNA didn’t match, I thought there had to be an error and her suspicions of my father being her bio father were false. This is how I met Cindy. Cindy was asked to investigate our DNA findings. I allowed her to look at my research and to the DNA results along with my matches to others. Cindy communicated well, she explained how the breakdown of DNA places people within their trees. She was professional and private. She was sensitive to my situation. Within 24-48 hours and a few questions, she had uncovered that the man who had raised me was not my biological father and she also uncovered who my biological father was! This woman is talented at what she does. She is knowledgeable and professional. She practices confidentiality and has a warm, down-to-earth personality. I personally know of two other people who speak positively of her service. I highly recommend Cindy if you require competent services to assist you with your genealogy.”

Lou-Ann Pichette​

Manitoba, Canada

"Hey I'm illegitimate!!  It was a surprised\ but the science does not lie.  Cindy found that my mother had been impregnated by an Icelandic man and I'm the product. I was very happy with Cindy's work and I highly recommend her.  She knows how to track down DNA relatives and set up the trees.  Thanks Cindy.--Bryan Sanctuary"

Bryan Sanctuary

Montreal, Canada

African American Family Heritage

“Cindy Bertrand-Flores is a genealogical genius! Using her forensic/DNA expertise, she was able to find more than three generations of ancestors in my family tree, uncover new leads and draw connections, between my African American as well as my Caucasian roots within a few days of speaking with her. Genealogy is a difficult field in light of the many  incomplete or inaccurate vital records for people of African descent. Cindy’s tenacity and diligence to work through and reconcile the data has taken my family tree farther back than I ever thought possible. She was relentless. Her pricing is reasonable and results are invaluable! 

Thank you Cindy... You rock!!   🙂"

Karen M.​

New York, NY

"If you hit a wall in your family tree research, I recommend Cindy Bertrand-Flores. I had traced my DNA to an African Royal Family and did not know if it was on the paternal or maternal side of my family. Not only was Cindy able to discover it was on my father’s side and where the Royal DNA entered my paternal line , she was also able to fill in many missing gaps on my family tree. I highly recommend this very competent, knowledgeable, and engaging geneticist, whom I now regard as a friend."


Prince Jay Speights

Maryland, USA

Unexpected DNA Findings in your Test Results

"I learned through 23&me that my my dad was not my bio father. The news hurt that much more not knowing who my bio was. My mother was of no help! Then Cindy reached out to me! This kind soul knows what she is doing and found my bio in three days!!! The results were shocking to say the least but now i have piece of mind knowing who my bio is! I now have important medical knowledge that I surely needed! Cindy is a genius in this field!! I couldn't have done it without her!! Thank you, Cindy!!!"


Texas, USA

Resolve Family Mystery

"Wow! I can't express the amount of gratitude I have towards Ms. Cindy. I have longed for my family history for so long. And to my amazement Cindy was able to quickly gather information. I always wanted cousins and now I have tons! Thank you Cindy, You have been a blessing to us."

Irene Gonzales

Union City, California

"I initially reached out to Cindy in search of information on my maternal grandmother's heritage, as she had been abandoned with a neighbour as a toddler and we had no information on her family history. Unfortunately after just a few days Cindy hit a dead end in her search on my grandmother after finding her mother was one of a set of siblings and was unable to find the narrow down any further than that


After that, Cindy took it upon herself to dig into some of my paternal DNA connections. In just a matter of hours she was able to discover from a 1st cousin connection that my paternal question mark is one of 3 brothers. While I was not personally ready to pursue this information, I was impressed with how quickly she was able to figure it out.


If you have any mysteries in your family tree, Cindy is sure to be able to help, just be sure you are ready for what she may find. No stone will go unturned.


May the Goddess bless you all in your genealogical puzzles!"

Jondell B.

England, UK

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