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Step 1 - Do your DNA. If you haven't yet, we recommend Ancestry DNA.

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Step 2 - Identify the problem

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Unknown parentage?
Brick wall?
DNA Surprise?
Family mystery?
Other problem?


Step 3 - Choose a solution

The answers you seek are hidden in your DNA. Trust us to take the guess work out of it for you so you can enjoy the inner peace that comes from finally knowing the truth.


Discover Biological Father's Identity

Lost in the branches of your family tree? Our service helps you uncover the hidden truth about your biological father, even if all you know is your mother's side. Don't wait any longer to fill that missing piece.


Discover Biological Grandparents or Great Grandparents

This service caters to individuals who have a parent or grandparent that was adopted and are interested in discovering their ancestral heritage through that specific lineage.


Expert Advisor

There are numerous factors that may lead you to consider hiring a consultant. You may be seeking assistance in unraveling a personal mystery or require guidance in reviewing the conclusions you have reached on your own project. Alternatively, you might have a multitude of inquiries or need support in determining the necessary steps to achieve a goal within your field. If you find yourself in need of answers, We are here to provide them. Opt for our consulting service if you require assistance.

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Renowned and Famous Relatives

If you're intrigued by the idea of uncovering your illustrious and widely recognized relatives, choose this option. To proceed, it is essential that you possess a complete family tree for me to analyze and determine the connections. Some of these connections may qualify you to join esteemed lineage societies.


Adoptees - Quest for Birth Parents

Uncover the hidden truth about your past and discover your biological parents with our service. Connect with your ancestral heritage and embrace your identity.


Shattering the Genealogy Brick Wall

Overcome the obstacle in your genealogy research with our exceptional service. By utilizing your DNA matches, we will expertly and adeptly break through the barrier that has hindered your progress.


5 Generation Family Tree: Verified Ancestral Connections

This service verifies your familial connections and offers you a comprehensive biological family tree spanning up to five generations.


Resolve Family Mystery

Uncovering a family mystery can be both thrilling and daunting. But with our service, you'll have the tools to reveal hidden truths and unspoken realities. Say goodbye to endless searches and guesswork – let us help you discover your family's past.


Unexpected DNA Findings in your Test Results

For those who have discovered unfamiliar matches in their list of matches and are curious about their relationship, this service is designed to provide answers. It involves confirming family connections and unveiling potential family secrets.


Resolve Family Mystery

Uncovering a family mystery can be both thrilling and daunting. But with our service, you'll have the tools to reveal hidden truths and unspoken realities. Say goodbye to endless searches and guesswork – let us help you discover your family's past.


Indigenous Tribe Origins

Have your DNA test results revealed Indigenous ancestry? Discover your ancestral roots by exploring your native DNA. Uncover the fascinating history of your tribe through genetic genealogy.

Family Photos in B&W

Other Services Offered:

Uncover Biological Mother's Identity, Unforseen Genetic Twist, DIY with a Little Help, Seeking Long Lost Family Member, Special Offer for Retirees, African American Family Heritage, Comprehensive Family Tree, and Unique Situations.

Don't see the right solution for you? No problem, we're solution people.

Feeling overwhelmed by financial obligations? Worry not! We have the perfect solution for that. Solve Now, Pay later!

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The tasks we undertake define our work.


To begin, let's establish your objective. How can we assist you in finding a solution? We will inquire about various aspects, even if you don't have immediate answers, and together we will devise a plan.


If you have already completed your DNA test with one of the leading testing sites, we are making progress. If you haven't, you will need to purchase a kit and submit your sample. Meanwhile, we will start organizing and researching your initial data. Once your test is completed, we can truly advance in solving the case.


The current average turnaround time is roughly two weeks. Upon the conclusion of our investigation into your case, we will promptly share all the information we have gathered regarding your DNA mystery via email. However, we will also reach out to you through phone calls and/or text messages to provide updates on our progress throughout this journey.



Our pricing structure is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each task. Please don't hesitate to contact us for information regarding the fees associated with resolving paternity mysteries, locating biological families for adoptees, unraveling unexpected DNA mysteries, and overcoming genealogical obstacles in your family tree. If your situation is exceptional, kindly reach out to us with your specific needs, and we will work together to determine a fair price. ​​

Payment options Available

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Our Clients Say

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" In less than a week Cindy was not only able to figure out who his dad was, she was able to create a family tree and give us insight on ancestors dating back to the 16/1700s."

Jenna E.

Alberta, Canada

Disclaimer: At DNA Mystery Solver, we offer a comprehensive service that delves into the research and investigation of genetic and family information. Our primary objective is to provide answers to long-standing family mysteries and uncover hidden family histories. It is important to note that our services are voluntary, and we cannot assure the resolution of all cases due to potential unavailability of relevant information. The fees we charge are solely for the purpose of conducting thorough research and investigation. While most cases do yield successful outcomes, it is crucial to understand that results cannot be guaranteed.

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